Dr. Jonathan Burns
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Project <mds_ies_db>

The <mds_ies_db> is a dynamic database featuring ciliate genome rearrangement annotations that include MDS, IES, and pointer annotations for Oxytricha and Tetrahymena.

Programmed with Denys Kukushkin.

Website: Link http://oxytricha.princeton.edu/mds_ies_db


Project MASCOT

Mobile Application for Self-guided, Community-Oriented Tours (MASCOT) is a web-based mobile platform to host GPS-navigated walking tours of a city. MASCOT features videos, audio, images and augmented reality experiences at and between the tour sites.

The MASCOT project orignated as the “Multicultural Vistors Guide” project that was proposed at the 2015 Code for Hillsborough hack-a-thon (sponsored by Code for America). After winning 1st Prize, our team partnered with Hillsborough county to further develop the application for public use.

Programmed in collaboration with Denys Kukushkin and Elisha Stevenson, and developed content with Ersula Odom, Ashira Pelt, and Wilman Chiang.

Website: Link http://mvghc.cloudapp.net/mascot

Project Assembly Words

Given a double-occurrence word like 123123, the application draws the assembly graph, chord diagram, and circle graph defined by the word. When possible, an assembly graph is annotated with paths representing possible rearrangement products of nucleotide sequences corresponding to the graph. The application is almost entirely written in javascript.

Programmed with Egor Dolzhenko.

Website: Link http://knot.math.usf.edu/assembly